Specialized Tank Containers

Specialized tank containers from Tankcon are the perfect solution for distinct goods, with unique configurations and capacities for different cargo types and industry-specific needs.

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Specialized Tank Containers




15,000 -35,000 litres

T4, T7, T22, T23

Chemicals, foodstuffs, logistic, pharmaceutical

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Electrically Heated Tank Container

Heated tank containers maintain product quality, sustain temperature during transit and expedite product discharge by liquefying contents. They are adapted to tough conditions and can be connected to advanced monitoring systems.

Reefer Tank Container

A tank container with cooling capabilities, suited for transporting frozen, chilled, or cooled cargo. Equipped with integrated or external cooling motor.

Beer Tank Container

A foodstuffs tank container specifically designed to hold and transport beer.

Asphalt & Bitumen Tank Container

Also known as IMO, ISO or UN Portable T tank containers. Suitable for the safe storage and transport of asphalt and bitumen products.

Tank Container on Legs

A tank container with the added option of storing it on integrated, height-adjustable container legs.

Leakage container

Specifically designed to reduce the risks of leaking (hazardous) substances. Used to fit under an ISO tank container.

TDI Tank Container

A specialised container for the safe transportation of TDI, such as diesel.

MDI Tank Container

A tank container dedicated to the transportation of MDI cargo.

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