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Tankcon provides a wide array of customization options. We have the know-how to deliver personalized solutions that consistently surpass our customers’ expectations. Whether you need modifications for transportation, storage or specialized purposes, our expert team quickly identifies your distinct needs, suggesting the best alterations for your tank container.

External body modifications

Full repaint

Complete repaint of the external body, cladding and frame of the tank container, to your specifications.


Toluene Diisocyanate (TDI) and Methylendiphenyl Diisocyanate (MDI) are man-made chemicals that require specific design and construction for tank containers to hold them.


Rear loading

Relocating loading from top to rear to facilitate specific cargo and use cases. This is for safety reasons, so loading can take place from below instead of from the top of the tank container. 

Heating and cooling modifications

Steam tube

A steam tube lining the tank’s barrel, circulating high temperature steam to heat the cargo in the most energy-efficient way, used prior to unloading.

Glycol/electrical heating

Used to heat cargo that requires specific and consistent temperatures during transport.

Reefer cooling system

Aftermarket reefer (refrigeration) unit to add cooling and freezing functionalities to tank containers.

Safety modifications


Improving accessibility to the top of the tank container.

GOVR airline

GOVR (Ground Operated Vapor Return) airline improving the safety and efficiency of loading and unloading volatile and/or hazardous materials. Allows operations from below, removing the need to climb on top of the tank.

Collapsible handrail

Stowable handrail that’s lockable in an upright position to improve operators’ safety when accessing the top of the container.


Full refurbishment

The tanks can be adjusted based on the client’s needs, both inside and out. All refurbishments are carried out according to ITCO standards.

Cladding and insulation refurbishment

Replacement and renewal of tank container cladding and insulation components.

Stirring/mixing refurbishment

Refurbishment of the internal tank container stirring and mixing capabilities.

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