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Yes, we offer the exact tank container type you see shown on our website. During the lease, rental, and sales process, we provide detailed photos of each tank container and supply them in the exact same condition as seen on the photos.

Yes, all our tank containers are 100% clean and delivered with an EFTCO Cleaning Certificate.

If needed, we can clean tank containers again after use and deliver them with a new EFTCO Cleaning Certificate (including a vacuum check and document if desired).

Yes, lease tank containers should be returned to us with a new EFTCO Cleaning Certificate, no older than one week. Our depot, where you will return the tank container, also offers EFTCO Cleaning facilities, so you can have your tank cleaned at drop off, too.

Send us an e-mail with a return request to [email protected]. We will send you detailed information about which depot the tank containers can be delivered to, including address, opening hours etc.

The documents you need will be sent to you the same day you contact us, and we’re always available via e-mail. Soon, a customer portal will be added to our website as well, where all documents will be made available to you, along with your order history.

When scheduling a tank container return, we'll provide information about the return location. In most cases this will be the same as the pick-up location, or the same region.

If your tank container incurs damage and you already partner with tank container depots that provide repair and testing services, you can go ahead and have the container repaired. In case of larger issues or repairs, please notify Tankcon as well.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll direct you to the right depot or, if preferred, perform the necessary repairs and inspections ourselves.